The owner reviews make me feel better about that choice and

5b) following the same procedure used in Fantauzzi et al.34. The peak fit (R2=0.99909) permitted to identify and quantify both the Fe3+ (30%) and Fe3+OOH (70%) contributions. Diffraction spots 000l with l=2n+1 in the [000l] rows apparently break the conditions imposed by the systematic absences for that space group P63/mmc, but this is a physical effect due to multiple diffraction effects from a thick section of the specimen under the beam.DiscussionThe nature of iron in fibrous erioniteThe XAFS and Mssbauer spectroscopy of fibrous erionite Na from Jersey, discussed in detail in Pollastri et al.33, give evidence of the exclusive presence of Fe3+ hosted in an octahedral (6 fold) environment.

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