“It’s the use of the name ‘Indians’ when it does not belong to

scotus to hear the slants’ trademark case

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wholesale jerseys These would still be widely seen on fan jerseys or on other media, unaffected by a ban on Rogers.He said there would have been “chaos at the Rogers Centre.”Monique Jilesen, lawyer for Cardinal, said he was seeking ban on “official use” of the name and logo. He was not seeking to cancel the game, its broadcast, or to restrain fans chehttp://www.wholesalecheapjerseysoutlet.com/ cheap jerseys, who are not providing a public service.She argued it would be “wholly unacceptable for any other group” such as blacks or Jews or Muslims to be treated in a similar way {cheap nfl jerseys, to see their identity appropriated and caricaturized for business use.”It’s the use of the name ‘Indians’ when it does not belong to you,” said Cardinal’s lawyer Monique Jilesen. “That’s taking a culture and belittling it more than belittling it, using it for commercial purpose and potentially inciting racism.””There would be no debate, that you could not call a team the New York Jews,” Jilesen said wholesale jerseys.

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