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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Car Insurance is necessary to have. If a person gets caught driving with no insurance they can get fined. If they cause an accident they can get into even more trouble. Teenager drivers need car insurance just as much if not more then most people. Insurance for teenagers if often expensive. There are discounts for car insurance for young drivers.

Teenagers qualify for certain discounts. There is a discount for good grades. The teenagers have to keep at least a “B” average in order to receive this discount. Teenagers also receive a discount for the successful completion of a driver education course. There are discounts on insurance when their teenager is not the primary driver. The teen can be listed as a second driver on a family car. These discounts are only applied when the teenagers are added to their parent’s insurance.

There are many reasons why car insurance for young drivers is so expensive. Teenagers lack driving experience. They have their license for a couple of days and think they know everything. They do not have the capability to make fast decisions in emergency situations like experienced drivers do. Teens are more likely to engage in dangerous behaviors. It seems a teenager is attached to their cell phone which makes a deadly pair on the road. They are also more likely to speed and ignore street signs.

The type of car a teenager drives can affect the cost of insurance. A brand new car is not a good idea for a teenager neither is a sport’s car. The car does not have to be the best looking but it should be safe and reliable. Used cars do not require the addition to collision insurance which saves a lot of money. Before letting a teenager drive alone make sure they understand road safety and know that it is a privilege to be a young driver.

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